Shawn Townsend Shares What The DC Mayor of Nightlife Really Does…

Shawn Townsend

Source: Zeplyn Tillman / Angie Ange In The Morning

Can he get me into a club for free? Does he just party all night? What about a discount on a table at Bliss? I mean, he has to be able to tell me when the next big party in DC is, right?

Shawn Townsend explains that his position serves businesses that operate after 5pm. They help with noise complaints, alcohol regulation, parking and more. So his position isn’t to get you into the club for free or tell where the next big party will be, that’s what is for!

The 40/40 Club 10 Year Anniversary Party - Inside

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Townsend says the office of nightlife and culture is simply a resource for businesses to go when they need assistance or need to ask a question. Again not to get your homeboy a discount on a table. There were a lot of misconceptions about this position but the number one complaint that Mr. Townsend gets may or may not surprise you. Watch the full interview below to find out more about what goes on as the Mayor of Night Life and Culture…


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