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Late night host James Corden has people entertained and concerned for a tweet he posted on Tuesday that was clearly the makings of technology.

The British comedian retweeted an image from doctor Christian Jessen from the reality T.V. show Embarrassing Bodies. The photo shows an elephant carrying a lion cub across a desert-like terrain. Meanwhile, a full-grown adult lion accompanies the elephant and the cub on their epic crossing.

“Isn’t this the most stunning picture,” Jessen wrote in his tweet. “A lioness and her cub were crossing the savannah; the heat was excessive and the cub was in great difficulty. An elephant realized that the lion cub would die and carried him in his trunk to a pool of water, walking beside his mother.”

Here’s the image for your own viewing…

Now class…

Is there something about this photo that doesn’t seem right?


If you guessed THE ENTIRE PICTURE, you get first dibs at the pizza party.

Clearly, an elephant taking time out their precious day to escort a known predator across a desert is pure Photoshop.

You’d think two grown men, especially one being a doctor, would know this. But it seems Mr. Jessen actually believed the picture.

When people started commenting that the image was Photoshopped, he responded in his comment section with “Oh,” along with a sad tear emoji.


With James Corden retweeting the image, it’s not known if he was trolling and knew the photo was Photoshopped. He simply captioned his retweet, “This is beautiful x.”


According to Metro, the elephant and lion image was conjured up last year by Kruger National Park in South Africa. They shared it on their Twitter account, Kruger Sightings, back in April 2018 for April Fool’s Day…


They made a similar tweet for April Fool’s Day 2019 when they posted a pic of a lion casually following a warthog & mongoose. “It sounded like they were singing together,” they joked. “They were walking together, a scene out of The Lion King.”


Great stuff right?

Too bad the world is oh so vulnerable and ready to believe anything.

People were quick to troll James Corden for his faux animal kingdom post. His comment section was filled with hilarious photo mashups of animals that would probably never get along.

“This young penguin became stranded from his family, the polar bear returned him safely,” @DawnieOfficial wrote with a Photoshopped picture of a polar bear carrying a penguin.


“Look at this kangaroo looking after this hippo who was cold when he got out the swamp,” one @CSnagga wrote. “The kangaroo realized he would die so [he] put him in his pouch!”


No chill.

Hit the next pages for more hilarious trolling of James Corden’s post, and let’s hope he addresses his picture fallacies in a future episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden!

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