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Today Angie’s HOT Topic was about the recent discovery that Lil Yatchy wrote The City Girls Hit Song “Act Up”. This is shocking because you just wouldn’t think the lyrics in this song would come from a man.

“Real ass b****, give a f*** ’bout a n****

Big Birkin bag, hold five, six figures

Stripes on my a** so he call this p**** Tigger”

But DJ Money shares that there are a lot of songs that wouldn’t think were written by a man, that were. Here is a list of a few…

Beyonce “Kitty Kat” – Written by Pharrell Williams

Cardi B “Be Careful” – Written by Pardison Fontaine

Rihanna “Umbrella” – Written by The Dream

Beyonce “Irreplaceable” – Written by Ne-Yo

Lil Kim “Crush On You” – Written by The Notorious B.I.G.