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Beyoncè, Beyoncè, Beyoncè —  is there anything this woman doesn’t get right? Just one week after stopping the world once again with a surprise Netflix film and a brand new track, the Queen Bey proved once again that she has her ears to skreets. On Monday, she posted her first ever Instagram story, and of course, her 127 million followers were hype that Bey is getting more active on social media. To our surprise, she’s more active than we thought.

The Beychella phenom posted over 40 minutes of footage with people dancing to her remake of Frankie Beverly & Maze’s “Before I Let Go”, declaring it an official dance trend.

“Are my eyes broken or is bey actually promoting and posting about the before i let go challenge….??……?……i’m scared what you got planned ms carter.”- @BecauseOfJoon

“Okay this Beyonce’s Before I Let Go dance might be the one challenge I actually commit to! Time to work my middle till it hurts a little” – @Mimionalaja

For so many years, we’ve danced and partied to the same classic tunes during cookout season — but leave it to the Queen of Entertainment to bless us with a new bop that millenials can ask their parents “What you know about this?”


Dance challenges have been known to catapult a simple song into something world renowned. For example, Drake’s “In My Feelings” was a dope record, but once Instagram comedian Shiggy added his dance moves to it, it became a thing in pop culture.  But for millenials, we can smell when things are forced upon us and don’t occur naturally. For example, there was a whole debate last year about Lil Wayne’s “Uproar” challenge and Ciara’s “Level Up” challenge feeling kind of forced. Do you agree?

“Does the uproar challenge come off kinda forced to you? Idk maybe I’m trippin”- @GetemKeith

However, when it comes to Bey’s #BeforeILetGo challenge, everything from the timing of the film, to her personal homecoming at Grambling State, to weather change aligned so flawlessly.

“Give me two days [to learn the steps] . imma be the talk of the cookout!” @therealldezz

Of course, the 1981 version of the classic song by Frankie Beverly & Maze will still get some shine at the Barbeques and Homecomings, but we all want parts of anything new and fresh — especially if Beyonce made it a thing.  Hit the flip to check out some of the best moves from Bey’s #BeforeILetGo challenge. And get your dance moves ready, because it’s gonna be a wild Summer.

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