Do Men Marry The One They Truly Love or Settle For Who’s Around?


Chey Parker saw a twitter thread that got her thinking… Do Men actually marry the one they really really love?

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#repost TSRStaff: Thembi – Instagram @ThembiTV_ The obvious response would be for love right? I’m sure we all think, ‘who would marry for any other reason than that?’ Welp, aside from arranged marriages and things of the like in some cultures, it seems like love may not always be the true reason in all marriages. _____________________________________ Twitter user “T0nit0ne” sparked an interesting conversation from a tweet that posed the idea that men don’t necessarily marry the woman they loved the most, but marry once they feel they’re ready to marry. _____________________________________ A few men openly responded to this statement and anonymously shared their personal experiences. When reading their responses, it made me wonder if this applies to women too. In some cases, if the one she loves most isn’t ready for marriage when she is, she’ll leave that relationship and secure her happiness with someone else. What do y’all think #Roommates? Let’s chat! #TSRGreatDebatez

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So we asked our listeners, True or False: When it’s time for most men to get married, they don’t marry the one they loved the most, they marry the one who is around?

There were a lot of mixed feelings. Even Angie Ange changed her mind towards the end.


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