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Most of the essential things that make Black culture what it is has been fully stripped away from us, or even worse — it’s been whitewashed and watered down from it’s true essence. It’s not a new theory that everything from food to slang to music starts with Black folks before it trickles it’s way into the seams of mainstream culture. And once that transition takes effect, the original artifact loses every ounce of it’s soul.

Whitewashing has been used in history in regards to media, censorship and the beauty industry to brainwash the masses into thinking that White is right. The term” describes a situation in which the skin tone of non-white people – when depicted in magazine covers, advertisements, commercials, music videos, etc. – is, digitally retouched or physically modified to appear whiter. Whitewashing can also present itself in the alteration of hair texture to resemble Eurocentric beauty ideals of straight hair”.

When it comes to music, we’ve seen Black folks and other people of color put their heart and soul into a piece of work, only to have someone White come slap their name on it and sell it as their own.

But some songs are simply just for us. So much so that even if a White person tries to sing them,it never sounds quite right. Hit the flip for 10 songs White people just shouldn’t sing.

F.U.B.U: 10 Songs For The Culture That White People Shouldn’t Sing  was originally published on globalgrind.com

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