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Michael Jordan had the “Flu Game,” Willis Reed had his moment where he played through a severe thigh injury, and Paul Pierce’s legendary “Wheelchair Game” earned its place in Celtics lore. Yesterday, June 5, was the anniversary of the iconic moment that took place 11-years-ago where it looked like Pierce suffered a severe injury that looked so bad he had be awkwardly carried off the court by his teammates and wheelchaired to the locker room. Pierce finally came clean about the moment and revealed he wasn’t injured at all, he just had to use the bathroom.

“I have a confession to make, I just had to use the bathroom.” When asked by his co-host Chauncey Billups why he needed a wheelchair to get to the restroom he responded: “Something went down, I had to get to the restroom.” Jalen Rose followed that by adding that Pierce was “streaking” and Pierce did not deny it.

Guess we need to change the name from “Wheelchair game” to “The Runs Game.” Complex did its homework and even found a moment where it seems Pierce definitely pooped on himself.

Pierce, who has since been the subject of jokes since becoming a full-time ESPN NBA analyst, has added me more fuel to fire with this latest revelation. As you can imagine, Twitter was having a field day dropping jokes on the future Hall-of-Famer.

As for Pierce, he seems to be taking it in all in great stride despite the wave of poop jokes coming his way. He immediately hopped on Twitter stating “Wanna give special shout out to all the fans who support me till this day and all my haters I love all the love I also love all the Hate so thanku.”

“As for the unfortunate accident it would seem he walked it back claiming “the only 💩💩💩💩Ing I did June 5 2008 was on the Lakers.”

It might be too late though, the damage has been done the legend of the “The Runs Game” has been born.

Photo: Paul Marotta / Getty


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