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Taraji P. Henson was in DC over the weekend to take a stand on something extremely important to her. Mental Health.

In her opening statement Taraji shares that she grew up with trauma after her father was killed and her son’s father was killed. She realized that that trauma put her in a depression and say it in her son as well. She knows that it is important for all of us but especially children have access to mental health doctors who understand where they come from.

Taraji also shared that before she was an actress she was a teacher in Compton California and it shocked her of how many of her students were dealing with mental health but were classified as special needs and not getting the proper help they need. Taraji is proposing that schools incorporate mental health classes into the classroom just like how they have sex education classes. She understands that there are a lot of mental health professionals who are working but majority of the people who really need it do not have the access to it.

Angie Ange applauds Taraji for bringing this to the forefront and for starting her organization to bring people together to speak, learn and get help. On Air Jordan also shares that we (Black People) need it more than anybody, our people have been through so much for so many years. He also states that as young Black Men you’re taught to be tough on the exterior no matter how you feel but feelings like anger, depression, sadness get built up inside and then it’s too late.

Taraji’s statement is very powerful. Take a listen below…