Roderick Mills is a Baltimore native that grew up in a city he was ready to change.  Roderick started #Bmorepositive because he got tired of seeing the vacant homes across the street of my mother’s house. Growing up in the neighborhood the houses weren’t vacant. It was an eye sore and it was also a place where people littered.

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One day Mills took it upon himself to change the neighborhood he grew up loving. So one day he sat on my moms steps counted 14 spaces made up of windows and doors, then came up with #Bmorepositive. 5 vacant homes no longer just forgotten but now they are a positive billboard. He and his team cleaned up the trash, glass, cut the weeds then painted on every door and window with a letter, until it spelled out #Bmorepositive.

Roderick says he time spent in prison changed his life. He read many books but one book in particular changed my life, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Opening up his awareness of positive thinking and the effectiveness of positive mind.

Mills believe that the city of Baltimore is in need of positive vibes. That’s where Bmorepositive comes in. He says that 9 of 10 people can only be what they can see, so if those 9 people or kids only see negativity, then they will be the same negativity they see.

Roderick says “I want to talk to Jay-Z. I love his blueprint and his body of work. But I order for black excellence to work effectively and for longevity BLACKS have to be excellent as a group. He showed us his blueprint but its hard to build anything when you dont have resources, materials or the tools to make that blueprint happen. He has the ability to be the general contractor of black america. It would make him even more billions. Act like a unsigned artist…but instead of asking for a record deal, I want a deal to fix up my community.”

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