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Watching “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Monday night brought back memories of a time in my relationship when things weren’t so good. You know what I mean, when everything your partner does is bothersome. The way they breathe is suddenly louder, they chew harder and they laugh at jokes you don’t even find funny. You’re just annoyed with them for every reason you fell in love with them in the first place. In particular, like most long-term relationships, my past came into play and even though it was years ago, it was fresh news and the wounds brand new.

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We just couldn’t get along, but loved each other too much to let go. Despite our dependent hearts, something just didn’t feel right. As sure as I am that you all know this, let me reiterate–a woman’s intuition is not an old wives’ tale, it’s real and when females get that gut feeling, it’s louder than a Justin Bieber concert! It seems, we can’t help but act on it and that’s where I was. Him–drunk on the couch–because, of course he came in super late and how could I blame him? It’s like we didn’t like each other, so why be around each other.

His phone peeked out of his pocket. It had one percent battery life. But, I had an idea. If I put it on the charger just long enough to go through it, it would die after I put it back where he left it and all the missed notifications wouldn’t be there, but that’s normal when you turn your iPhone back on. (Yeah, I  thought that far and deep!) Ugh, I’m so ashamed, I really contrived a master plan just to be sneaky. But, being sneaky is just that. I listened to his sleeping pattern because the last thing I wanted to do was get caught! I told myself if I found anything, I wouldn’t even mention it. I just needed to know, to prove my sanity.

Eventually, after waiting for him to snore as reassurance, I put my plan into action, plugged up his phone until it hit four percent and hid under the covers scrolling from screen to screen. Messages, phone calls, I even went to his photos to make sure there weren’t and nudies! I didn’t find anything. Smile. Wait. On the last screen was an app I didn’t even know he had. InstaDM. My heart fluttered. I knew “it” was there. Whatever “it” was, I didn’t know, but it was exactly where my intuition was guiding me by the hand.

CHICK CHAT: I Went Through My Man’s Phone & Found Exactly What I Was Looking For!  was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

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