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Charmaine has returned for the new season of The Black Ink Crew Chicago but things are a little different this time around. Ryan has had it with the original 9MAG “Family” and he has decided to make a ‘New 9MAG’ with new staff, rules and standards. This has left the ‘Old 9MAG’ crew feeling some type of way. Charmaine, who has ties to D.C. as a Howard graduate, shares her point of view of what all went down leading up to this season. “The drama somehow always follows me!” she tells Lore’l as they talk about Ryan, Lilly and her future with the company.


Charmaine also shares how her and her fiance Neek met right here while they were students at Howard University. We also learn what made Charmaine make the move first to purpose to her man and her opinion on other woman doing the same thing. See the full interview above or below…

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