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It’s not everyday that you hear about someone getting attacked by a brown bear and being held captive for a month to be stored as food for the predator. Well that was the case for one Russian Man, simply named Alexander. who was discovered by hunting dogs earlier this week in Russia’s remote Tuva region, close to the border with Mongolia.

According to reports, initially the hunters thought the body had been mummified by the dry air but were stunned to discover that the man was still alive. Alexander was immediately rushed to hospital and suffered with a broken spine after fighting the bear. He told doctors that he had survived the attack when the bear overpowered him and drank urine to survive.

It’s still a miracle that Alexander is alive. Experts say that Brown Bears are known to hide their prey and return to feast on it later. The man could have been next week’s meal for the predators, but fortunately he survived having ‘severe injuries and rotting tissue’ from lying motionless for so long in the den. The footage is even more shocking. The clip “shows how Alexander’s face and body were encrusted with dried blood and dirt, his was skin a deathly white colour, and his dull eyes were barely able to open.”

Do you think you’d survive a bear den for one month?

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