Lickin’ For Likes?! Now She’s On The Run!

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There have been many dumb challenges but this one… this may take the cake.

Asia who used her Instagram (@xx.asiaaaa.xx) to film herself opening and licking Blue Bell ice cream in Walmart. Yes, she opened a new container and slid her tongue across the fresh ice cream then put it back in the store freezer! Disgusting!

Of course, everyone was outraged by this. Everyone shops for food in public places so for this to become “the thing to do” is terrible. The video got over a million views and people were demanding for her to be found. Jordan and Lore’l said she should definitely be locked up but would settle with a hefty fine, “At the end of the day, cool, If you wanna do something stupid to yourself that [doesn’t] affect other people” that’s your prerogative but there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed.

Next time you’re in the store, make sure to double and triple check your purchases before you buy! Asia deleted her page when she found out the police were looking for her and now she is on the run.  Welp, Asia, at least you can say you went viral but was it really worth it sis? Was it worth it? SMH (shaking my head)

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