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Source: Netflix / Fyre

Ja Rule is breathing a huge sigh of relief this week. His neck will not be on the line for one of the biggest concert scandals in history.

Page Six is reporting that the “Always On Time” rapper is no longer on the legal hook for the Fyre Festival. A judge at a federal Manhattan court ruled that Atkins will no longer be included in the civil suit filed by consumers who paid thousands of dollars each for tickets. On Wednesday, July 10 Judge P. Kevin Castel stated that Ja was “not alleged to have known of individual ticket or merchandise sales”.

Originally billed as a “luxury music festival”, Fyre ended up being a fraudulent struggle of epic proportions. When guests arrived in the Bahamas for the opening weekend they were greeted with  cheese sandwiches and FEMA tents instead of gourmet meals and luxury villas they were promised. But the inferior accommodations didn’t stop there as there was no electricity or working bathrooms in place. The scene quickly turned into a modern day Lord of the Flies.

Ja was not in attendance when Judge Castel ruled but his legal team communicated the Queens native’s appreciation. “Mr. Atkins is thankful for today’s ruling and for the Court’s time and attention. Justice was done today” explained Ryan Smith. Organizer Billy McFarland was found guilty of defrauding a total of $27 million dollars. He is currently serving six months in prison. The story was detailed in the jaw dropping Netflix documentary FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened. 

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