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If you’re a native New Yorker, then you’re probably use to the rat epidemic. After all, NYC is the rat capital of the world.


With rodents riding the train and taking people’s pizza — they might as well start paying taxes.


If you think that’s wild, just imagine how NY resident, @Stevenus05 felt when he saw a rat roaming around a store in Brooklyn.

And the innocent bystanders who had to witness this atrociousness.

Or Bari Finkel, when she saw a baby rat crawling out of her bathroom sink.

According to a 2018 article by the Guardian, experts say warming temperatures are helping New York’s rats feed and mate longer into the year.

“In winter rats slow down their reproduction because it’s so cold, but they are probably having one more litter a year now because it’s getting warmer. A litter is around 10 babies and that’s making a difference.” -Bobby Corrigan, a sought-after rat-catching consultant who once spent a week living in a rat-infested barn in Indiana as part of his PhD research.


Getting a cat for the apartment would work anywhere else in the world, but not in NY with those thoroughbred rodents.



If this happened to you, you moving out or nah?


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