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Music is certainly a therapeutic remedy for pretty much any issue we face in our lives as humans. Whether it spiritual, physical or emotional, the frequency and vibration of sound is always a good cure. But have you ever just gotten so sick and tired of hearing the same damn song over, and over, and over, and over again.

Surprisingly, there’s scientific reason why even though we get annoyed with certain songs, they just won’t get out of our heads!  Ever heard of an earworm? According to Hello Doctor:

“Listening to music triggers the part of your brain called the auditory cortex. This is the part that processes information that you receive through hearing. It’s found in your temporal lobe which receives signals from your ears, like pitch and the volume of sound. If you hear a song all the time on different platforms, the repetition might turn it into an earworm.”

The word annoying is defined as something that causes irritation — and be honest, there are some song that just infuriate you when you hear them on the radio or in the club. Yet you still find yourself jamming to them. Check out our list on the flip, and hit us up on Twitter to share some of your most annoying songs.

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