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We’ve previously discussed the very close community ties between the basketball and rap communities.  Well, yesterday video of J. Cole and a few NBA players went viral.

In the clip, Cole appeared to be holding his own against the likes of some real NBA talent. Carmelo Anthony, Trae Young, Lance Stephenson, and TJ Warren are just some of the names that blessed the court with Cole for Day 2 of Chris Brickley’s summer “Black Ops Basketball.”

While people who may not be familiar with Cole’s hooping prowess were impressed, Lil Durk was certainly not one of them. The Chicago rapper tweeted in response to the video of Cole hooping with “I’ll bust his ass.”

Complex sounds interested in setting it up.

Durk and Cole are two of the better ball players that make a career by rapping. We had to do some digging, but we were able to find a video of Durk getting some shots up back in March.

You have to give props — Durk’s jumper is pretty pure! A simple, compact, and quick jumpshot.

Cole has admitted that he and his brother kinda taught themselves how to play basketball at the local rec, and says he never really had coaching. Cole is my favorite rapper, so I say this with no disrespect, but his lack of coaching kind of shows in his shot. Cole has a slingshot type jumper that takes a bit longer to get off. This could pose problems in a potential 1v1 when a defender would be playing a little harder. It goes in however, so you can’t argue with the results.

Ultimately, if the two squared up on the court, I would probably have to go with Cole. He has documented experienced on the court, and has the size advantage over Durk: Cole stands at 6’2 and Durk stands at 5’11. Both have jumpers that can tickle the twine, though.

Back in April, both rappers appeared in Complex’s “Best Rap Hooper” competition. Cole and Durk combined to beat the likes of 2 Chainz, Kendrick Lamar, and DJ Khaled before they faced off in the third round. Ultimately, Cole took the win and advanced to the finals where he again won and was named “Best Rap Hooper” of 2019.

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