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Gerard Butler is back as Mike Banning in the third installment of the “Has Fallen” franchise, this one called Angel Has Fallen. Morgan Freeman has moved up the political ladder and is now president of the United States as President Allan Trumbull, and Banning having saved the previous president from death twice is set to be promoted to director of the secret service. He is feeling the effects of the job having saved the world in Olympus Has Fallen and London Has Fallen So now he is hooked on pain meds and suffering from a bad case of insomnia. That sounds like the prefect remedy for a hostile take up by set up.

This week on Extra Butter with Xilla Valentine we sit down with Gerard Butler to get a glimpse at his thought process on doing the third installment of this film. His first thought was “No, I’m not doing it.” Adding, “We went through a bunch of ideas. I’m not going to stand up and make a stupid movie that doesn’t mean anything but if you can take it in another direction that you still get all the fun and the characters that you have in the first one but turn it on its head and go a little deeper.” Gerard feels like this movie holds its own as a stand-alone movie, while keeping the action and tension that leads up to the twists of the plot and story.

We also get to sit down with Nick Nolte and Morgan Freeman on this episode where they both reveal the time when they had a very bad day. Morgan goes deep and talks about the time when he crashed his plane. “I was about 27,000 feet in the air realizing that my landing gear was wrecked and I was going to put this jet down somewhere.” Surprisingly he jokes about it calling it a really bad day.

We are glad Morgan is still here to add his talents to Angel Has Fallen. Overall this is another good installment of this franchise that gives you all the action and story that you need as it sprinkles in some of the great acting moments from Nick Nolte and Morgan and this is another very entertaining Gerard Butler movie.

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