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Aunt Jackie's Grapeseed Collection

Source: Aunt Jackie’s Grapeseed Collection / Courtesy of Aunt Jackie’s

Aunt Jackie’s is known for their tried and true hair products for curly girls. The brand isn’t like others in the natural haircare community, which seems to come out with new products every season. It’s been awhile, but a few months ago, Aunt Jackie’s launched a new product line containing grapeseed extract and you’re going to want to get into this.

This six product collection contains a clarifying shampoo, a recovery conditioner, styling glue, setting mousse, a curling jelly, and a setting mouse. All the products in this collection contain grapeseed extract as a dominant ingredient. Felicia Leatherwood stopped by Hello Beautiful to explain why grapeseed is all the rave. “Grapeseed is a healer,” she shared, “A sealant. It’s like giving your hair or body vitamins.”

If you live in warm weather climate or you are constantly in the sun, this Aunt Jackie’s Collection is for you. Leatherwood explained that grapeseed “serves as a form of sunscreen and protectant from the sun.” She added, “Which naturals need a lot! We’re always in the sun and our hair is constantly getting stripped and dried out.” This stripping of the hair can cause split ends and grapeseed can help nourish this. “I would order grapeseed oil directly just to put on the ends of the hair. The sun affects the ends of the hair by splitting it. This is how you get the fairy knots and tangles.” Before this collection came out, Leatherwood revealed, “I would order grapeseed oil directly just to put on the ends of the hair.”

The product is great for a wash and go and Leatherwood dropped a video with Aunt Jackie’s to show you how to apply the product.

Out of all the products, Leatherwood raved about the recovery conditioner ($9.95, She educated, “When the hair is wet, it’s open to receive all the good things. When it’s open to receive all the good things that’s the opportunity to get in there with all the right products.” She added, “This product is great for women with dehydrated hair, who aren’t feed their hair. It’s gonna rescue them!”

The collection also contains a shine mist. I wasn’t sure why. Leatherwood exclaimed, “Shine boss is a great finisher! We don’t use them enough. We kinda use them when we think about it. As a hairstylist we use them at the end of every style service we give. It’s when you look in the mirror and say, ‘Wow, my hair looks shiny, it looks healthy!”

While the collection seems incredible, as a Type 4 natural, I was skeptical. No cream?! It didn’t seem like it was for my hair type. Product manager Ericka Pope shared, “All our gels are highly infused with whatever the ingredient story oil is. It’s one thing we try to promote because a lot of Type 4 girls are worried about gel drying their hair out.” Good to know!

The line is also affordable. Pope told Hello Beautiful, “The Founder of the brand created it to create a brand that was positioned as more affordable. All of our products are under $10.00. We are curly girl friendly – sulfate free, paraben free. Typically a brand that can commit to that is upwards of $15.00.”

Beauties, will you be trying Aunt Jackie’s new grapeseed oil collection? Talk to us in the comment section or share if you have tried.

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