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Last week, Normani had folks buzzing with her colorful music video for her song “Motivation.” With the 2000s references, the bonkers choreography and the joyous vibes, many people had nothing but praise for the rising star.

Not too soon after the video was released, fans couldn’t help but zone in on a particular scene where Normani effortlessly bounces a ball off her knee, onto her butt, then into a helpless nearby pedestrian.

It was epic.

Peep the magic again at the 1:55 mark below.

Now granted, the chances of Normani mastering such a move is highly unlikely. I mean….she could, considering her high level of athleticism and overall slayage. But some neat editing tricks could’ve done the job.

Regardless of whether the move was real life or music video magic, of course, folks on the Internet tried the stunt and for some people, it didn’t go too well.


Some people didn’t even bother playing with balls and chose another medium to demonstrate their craft.

Wigs went flying.


Then, there were those who hoped the challenge would move in a new direction…like using their hind parts to dribble the ball.


But finally, someone executed the challenge with skill, despite a sloppy presentation.


T.V. host Hunter March had to stunt in front of eeeveryone and bounce the ball into a nearby net.


Show off.

Normani seemed to be here for it.


*Sigh,* competition over.

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