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Games are always fun to play. Some people like challenging games that stimulate the mind and others just want to win! Every morning On Air Jordan plays a game called Gimme 5! with our listeners and the rules are simple; name 5 things in 10 secs without saying umm or huh or uh or anything like that. Usually Jordan is able to stump different listeners when they call in or even via Instagram Live, but over the past few days we have had one determined caller make her stamp on the game two days in a row.

On her first time calling in, she failed to name 5 tennis players and tried to explain how her working hard as a teacher is what caused her to lose. How Jordan hung up on her though… was just… rude. Watch the full video to see how the exchange went and what happened the next day when she called back! Absolutely hilarious!



Relive some of our past funny “Gimme 5!” moments:





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