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Antonio Brown’s name has been in the headlines for a lot of different reasons lately. Ditching practice, leaving teams and now he has been accused of rape! You always want to and should believe the victim. At the same time, there are so many things to take into consideration like; timing, money or just personal gain. The “Me Too” Movement has sparked so many women to come out and tell their story and gain back their power which we are all here for! Unfortunately, there are some women and men who have taken advantage of this platform and cause others to look at victims extra, extra sideways.

Brown’s accuser is being looked at in both ways and Antonio is now being seen as a bad guy that may be the victim in this situation too. It’s a little complicated and Lore’l breaks down what she thinks but also wants your help! Who do you think is cappin’ in this circumstance? Overall, it doesn’t matter if they used to be together, once someone says it’s over and they don’t want you anymore, you have to respect that decision and move on. No means No.