Leah’s Lemonade : August Alsina Starts Chemo-Like Treatment


Today’s news is brought to you from none other than the hottest lemonade stand in the country..well the nation!Let’s start off with the most joyous news. The 71st EMMY’s Award show was last night and it did not disappoint. Actor, Jharrel Jerome, took home the award for Lead Actor in a Limited Series for When They See Us during Sunday night at the EMMY’s. The actor had a standing ovation for his portrayal of Korey Wise. The Exonerated Five were all in attendance cheering him on. Emotions were running high for Jerome’s mother, the entire cast, but Korey Wise teared up and so did we! His speech was very straight to point and heartfelt. He stated that he feels like he should be in The Bronx celebrating with his mom’s food and dedicated the award to the men. Social media has been going crazy with support, The culture won!

Speaking of winning for the culture, our girl Lizzo has the longest leading rap #1 female unaccompanied by another artist. As ‘Truth Hurts’ is #1 for the fourth week in a row! Congratulations are in big order.

Hustlers…man. The drama keeps on following the movie J-Lo helped produce. It was based off of the real stripper, Samantha Barbash. Now the lemonade stand says she is getting lawyered up baby! She is demanding to be paid for the film because of them using her biography, likeliness, personality and identity. According to TMZ, she wrote a letter saying that the studio went on with production despite her rejecting offers to be in the film. Apparently, the studio STX Entertainment, low balled her and they never made a deal while the movie was in production. However, they reached out to have her sign her rights away but she declined. To sum it up, if they don’t pay sis is suing, As the Gross Sisters would say on The Proud Family, “HANDS UP! CASH OUT!”

Prayers are up for August Alsina as he started a chemo-like treatment. He pended a post to his fans explaining the steps he proceeded and sand a song that he felt could help his fans relate or need some form of elevation. It has been a rough year for August, as he lost his sister and he is taking care of her children. We can’t wait to be updated with some great news in Alsina’s future.

Antonio Brown has been on a down hill spiral chile! From the Patriots dropping him and even talks of him leaving the NFL and possibly pursuing the XFL…he decided to take a different route. The boy is back in school! Baby boy decided to go to ICDC college, sike! In all seriousness, he re-enrolled in the school in which he played football at Central Michigan University. Brown posted his schedule on Twitter saying he is fed up with the politics of the NFL and he is trying to have a #FallBoySemester…which sounds cute and all but another woman decided to come out a sexual assault case. This news is so bad that an infamous celebrity decided to pen some advice to AB. None other than Khloe Kardashian’s papa…I mean O.J. Simpson! Take a look at this!

Nene what is it? Ghetto as hell. We will have updates on this story and many more as the week continues to unfold! Lemonade Stand is poured out!

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