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Heather Lynn Patton

Source: screencap / Twitter

Heather Lynn Patton, a California woman who reportedly works as a costume designer, went viral this week after a video showing her spewing violent and racist threats against Black people inside an Eagle Rock CVS was released. Patton claims that she was under the influence and apologized for her rant and allegedly was fired from her gig.

According to several reports since the video went wide, Patton, 49, has worked behind the scenes as a wardrobe assistant and other roles. Adrene Ashford, who reportedly works in the fashion industry as well, captured Patton’s rant along with Renee Saldaña, who posted the clip to Twitter initially where it took off via a retweet from activist Shaun King and others.

Ashford posted a version of the clip onto her Instagram page and while it isn’t clear if Patton was directing her rant towards her, it should be noted that Ashford is Black.

On Patton’s scrubbed Instagram page, her bio section reads, “Please do not contact me. I was intoxicated and I sincerely apologize to everyone whom I disrespected and let down for my actions. Please forgive me.”

A report from local outlet KTLA shared that Patton has a history of such outbursts according to the account of a neighbor. The outlet adds that the LAPD is looking at potential hate crime connections.

Photo: Screencap

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