Leah’s Lemonade: Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner Call It Quits and Start A Custody Arrangement


Yesterday that news broke that Matthew Knowles, father of Beyonce and Solange! Sat down with Good Morning America to talk about his breast cancer diagnosis. He said he was tested after seeing blood drops on his shirt. The first day he was pretty cool about it but when his wife noticed it too, he decided to go in. Knowles stated that Beyonce and Solange also got tested to make sure all is well. He removed one breast and he will remove another; he is still waiting for more test results.  He will be in our prayers.

If y’all were Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott relationship fans…sad face for your relationship goals. There is bad news in the air and it’s that your favorite couple are currently separated. There is 50/50 custody plan for their daughter Stormi. According to reports they grew apart. However, infidelity wasn’t the core for the breakup.

As we know R. Kelly is in federal prison while he awaits his trial for his federal sexual assault charges that are in double digits and he is trying his best to get out of jail until his trial date. He’s tried everything from his health is failing, to he is solitary confinement, to his girlfriends not being allowed to visit him. Today a federal judge shut it down! Kelly was deemed a flight risk and has a history of alleged obstruction AKA threatening the witnesses. They set his trial date for May 18th, 2020.

As we want our current our current politics are ghetto. White House reporters were in for a scary treat this Halloween, a mouse flew out. Had to call Nene for this! What is that?! GHETTO!!!

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