Who’s Cappin’? Kylie Jenner, That’s Who!

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - June 25, 2016

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Recent reports have come out that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have split up! This may come as a shocker to some but to others it was bond to happen. Kylie shares with her fans that her and Travis are still friends and will continue to have their daughter Stormi as their number one priority! It seems like this would be where the story ends but come on we’re talking about Kardashians here! It just wouldn’t be them without some planned, I mean never asked for drama.

Rumors were buzzing that Kylie’s car was spotted outside of the studio where Tyga records his music. Now, Tyga isn’t a huge artist so I wonder how much time he actually spends in the studio? I mean, it’s like, was he even there? Nevertheless why was Kylie there?! Kylie tweets her reasoning but everyone’s callin Cap, especially Lore’l. See this full story in detail in this week’s “Who’s Cappin'”…

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