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Jillian is a Registered Dietitian on the In-Store Nutrition team at Giant Foods where she serves the South East, Washington DC community. Her education background is nothing short of successful! Jillian received her Bachelors of Science in Public Health– Nutrition from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. From there, she attended Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, where she received her Masters of Science in Public Health (MSPH) in Human Nutrition and completed the coordinated dietetics program. Sis let her credentials speak for herself.

Through her role on the nutrition team for Giant, she works to improve knowledge of food and its benefits to health to Washington DC’s lowest income Ward with the highest rates of food-related chronic diseases. Prior to her role at Giant, she worked as a Public Health Nutritionist developing programs for low-income and minority communities disproportionately impacted by cancer, obesity and other chronic diseases in Washington, DC and to improve the food and nutrition environment on a national scale.

Her goal is to improve nutrition literacy, change the culture around healthy eating, especially amongst the youth. She also would like to increase confidence in the kitchen by providing new meal and snacks inspiration and create partnerships with others invested in the health outcomes of the Ward 8 community.

Services such as Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes classes, Heart Health Classes, Store Tours,

Fitness Classes, and more are offered. Upcoming classes will be coming up soon and if you keep up with her you will find out more about the dates in advance.

Her and her team have a podcast called Nutrition Made Easy that addresses listeners curiosity’s about certain foods, diets, and overall desire to eat better and improve their health and wellness. It covers everything from providing facts to help achieve your health goals, food trends for foodies, new products and other nutrition topics with a “healthy-ish twist”.

Quick cracked a joke his many brunches and mimosas and asked for tips to help speed up our metabolism. Griffin responded by simply stating we need to get healthy grains, whole grains and saying we don’t only need protein from meat but protein from plants as well!

To keep up and connect with Jillian Griffith, MSPH, RDN, LDN, you can check down below:

•Website: Giantfood.com/nutrition

•E-Mail: jillian.griffith@giantfood.com

•Instagram: @jillyg_rd