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Megan opened the show with Hot Girl Summer and a performance with Da Baby for Cash Sh*t. The H-Town Hottie took home Best Mixtape Award and Hot Ticket Performer

Da Baby- Best New Hip Hop Artist

Travis Scott- Album of the Year- Astroworld

MVP of the Year- Nipsey Hussle

Speaking of Nipsey Hussle, Lil Nas X And Billy Ray Cyrus won the award for Old Town Road. He went on to social media to dedicate the award to Nipsey Hussle and said he was a legend gone to soon. Now y’all know he is invited to the cookout…and Howard’s homecoming let’s not forget BET Awards when he screamed “HU YOU KNOW”!

Rihanna is on this months issue of Vogue and she started spilling the lemonade and answering all us fans wanted to know…Rihanna talked about how she turned down the Super Bowl halftime performance because she did not want to seem like a  sell out, she stands with Kap…we wonder what her boss had to say! Anyways sis was addressing pregnancy rumors and let’s just say…we sill don’t know. Click the video below because her body was videotaped in a certain angle and we continue to sip this lemonade…

Everybody has been screaming free JT until it’s backwards and let just say thank God she is free…ish. Although we are excited that she’s out of jail, JT is in the halfway house so she is not going to be able to step out fully around to perform but she’s based in Atlanta so she can put out music and we all can party to her newest song that dropped ten o’clock last night.

We are so tired from his drama with G Herbo, Ari and Taina. Video surfaced last night of Ari and G Herbo at his birthday celebration, in which she dated him with a chain with his grandmother’s face on it and homeboy was crying so hard… love is sweet… But Ari wasn’t here for it. Sis went on a rant on social media with a quickness, no screws giving. She went on to say that G Herbo really does have herpes, and his new girls bottom area is a mess…but wouldn’t she say the same about herself because…she was with him!? Whew chile the ghetto!

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