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The Procedure:

Though my eyes were covered, I heard this popping. It felt and sounded almost like static. The nurse explained this was the congestion in my pores and that the goal is to have a “quiet facial.” This means you don’t hear all the crackling and popping. Honestly, when looking back at the video, I really only heard a lot of crackling near my edges and that’s where my edge gel was located. Another thing to be prepared for is the smell. You will definitely have a smell. It smells a little bit like burning rubber. Don’t worry: this is not your skin burning. Dr. Geyer described it as the impurities in your pores coming to the surface. Knowing that, it felt a little bit more satisfying.

You can get an add on with the treatment and for $20.00, I had a hydration boost which included hyaluronic acid. The nurse explained after these treatments your skin can absorb up to 70% more product. Bring on the serums!

After my treatment, I took a good look at my skin. I felt like it looked a little brighter, but I didn’t see much of a difference. What do you think? Dr. Geyer explained that I would “instantly feel smooth.” That the treatment helps my skin “feel more refined.” He even recommended it before a night out, “it’s a good thing to do before you head to an event,” he shared.  I had minimal redness, just a little in between my eyebrows and I was able to head straight into the office.

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