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In 2011, Rick Ross and Drake teased fans with the ultimate collaboration, that had yet yo manifest. But after eight years and several Grammy nominations between the two, Rick Ross reveals why the project was stagnated.


During an interview with Complex, Rick Ross touched on his long-awaited collaboration with Drake, revealing that although the two recorded enough material to release the project, the timing was never right—although he’s not ruling out a possible release in the future.

”That was just a vibe,” Ross said. “You never know what could happen in the future, but me and Drake, him being in Miami at that time [in 2011-2012], and him coming by the crib every day, we was spending a lot of time together. And it was a serious possibility. We wasn’t just talking sh*t. We really was in the studio a lot. It’s just not the same no more. Meaning, the way he travel and the way I move. But is it a possibility? There’s always a possibility for that, because it would be simple for us.”

Ross also revealed that Drake isn’t the only artist he has songs in the vault with. While discussing the YOLO project, Ross also noted that he has songs with Nas that may be appearing on Self Made 4.

”I’ve got enough production to do a me and Drake project and a Nas project. The next Maybach Music Self Made 4,” Rick Ross continued. “Me and Nas had that conversation several times. And not several times as we bulsh*tting. But just because a project like that, with me, would be all about the details. The details down to the f*cking smallest, most minuscule detail when it came to production and getting mixed and all of that. So, it’s not nothing that we could just sit and agree on and really dedicate ourselves to it.“

In regards to his plans for an MMG takeover for the new decade, Ross explains that he already has his sights set on 2021.

”Well, to me, Maybach Music is going to an even more exclusive place, because it’s no longer about Rick Ross having to prove himself as being a successful CEO,” Ross said. “It’s not about getting a certain amount of notoriety. We’ve done that. We’ve established ourselves to be one of the greatest units in the game. I just wanted to make it more exclusive over the last few years. I wanted to cut ties with some motherf*ckers that I felt wasn’t really going to take it to that greater place. And doing that, you clear the stage and make space for the ones that’s going to shine bright enough for them all. So everybody that’s still a part of the team, I’m genuinely fans of. And that’s what it’s going to be. The next plays that I make, 2020 and 2021, once again, I believe everybody’s just going to say, “Rozay, that n*gga, he always wins.”

Check out the interview in its entirety by clicking here.

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