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1. Relying Too Much On “Protective” Styles That Don’t Protect Anything

Weave african braids. - stock photo

Source: Ruslan Dashinsky / Getty

You may think there’s nothing wrong with booking a different braider off Instagram once a month but Eaddy shared that you should be choosing a protective style type based on your hair type especially if it’s really fine. Find out how faux braids can affect your real strands below. 

“The number one thing that I see is really just, they don’t let it grow. So nowadays everything is considered like a protective style just because people say that it’s protected. What I’m finding is more clients come in with the image for me for these protective styles, which is either too much tension or too much manipulation, also braiding hair is like a big thing. Nobody really understands how damaging actually adding braiding hair to your hair could be. You literally can send the hair out and rip through the cuticles of the hair.”

5 Hair Mistakes This Celebrity Stylist Wants You To Stop Making In 2020  was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

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