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2. Being Addicted To Your Silk Press

Danielle James Trip To Beleza Naturals

Source: Danielle James via Instagram / Hello Beautiful

Silk presses might seem like the safer option but Eaddy made it clear that they can singe off your carefully cultivated curls. Find out why she thinks you should wean yourself off the saran wrap below. 

“I’m seeing a lot of people take too much heat because of the silk press. The silk press has become prevalent and kind of like at the forefront instead of relaxers. Relaxer sales you know, have gone down like over 60% or 70% at this point, so people are opting for the silk press, however, they’re not utilizing heat protectants properly or they’re doing the silk presses too frequently. They’re using high heat or not using products that properly protect the hair.”

She also broke down what a true silk press process should look like. “You’re looking for someone that can press with a single pass. You don’t want somebody going over the hair because you’re sealing the hair when you do, it’s built for us. And if you’re going over, you’re opening up the cuticle, closing the cuticle. So you’re really looking for someone that knows how to do a successful full press with one pass.”

5 Hair Mistakes This Celebrity Stylist Wants You To Stop Making In 2020  was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

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