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4. Using Heavier Creams Than You Need

Just as with skincare some of the most lightweight products can pack a surprising punch. Using heavier options to attempt to “manage” your natural curl pattern is not only pointless it can set you up for serious breakage. See Eaddy how to choose your creams and conditioners below. 

“Our hair defies gravity our hair is amazing,” Eaddy stated proudly. “But traditionally we use the heavy, heavy products that way our hair down those products normally sit on top of the hair and so when people come in, they’ll come in with all this like product build up and their hair is so dry underneath.” Eaddy advocated for ensuring that the oils being used on your hair are “water soluble,” and provide “slip,” instead of weight. “I’ve seen so many people use heavy conditioners and heavy creams. So you really want to find a conditioner that is lightweight but has a lot of slip that doesn’t leave a film on the hair so that when you’re doing the same treatment, you’re here totally hydrated and not too heavy.” 

5 Hair Mistakes This Celebrity Stylist Wants You To Stop Making In 2020  was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

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