Ja Morant Gets First NBA Triple-Double In Win Over Wizards

Ja Morant

Source: Carita Parks / Sports Journey

Last Night the Washington Wizards took on the Memphis Grizzlies after coming off an exciting buzzer-beater win over the Dallas Mavericks. That win left the team on high. Beal with seconds left on the clock sunk in the winning shot. With that momentum coming into Sunday’s game there was no doubt that the Wizards would bring this one home too.

The first quarter started off right where the team had left off. Beal making shots, Rui dunking dunks and Ian blocking and rebounding but unfortunately, things started to take a turn. The sleeping bear was woken up and the grizzlies began to hit after hit. The rookie Ja Morant brought out a lot of fans to Capital One Arena, he shared with us after the game that he loves all of his fans and is blessed to have their support.

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This game was very special for him as he was able to earn his very first NBA triple-double. After the game, he was given the game ball and shared how those last few rebounds and assist were all due to his teammates, “obviously a lot of credit goes to my teammates. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to have that triple-double” I am sure Ja’s father is very proud, sitting back watching his son excel. Many of us remember Mr. Tee Morant for his fit at the 2019 NBA Draft.

But even despite the jokes, it was great seeing a Black father present and so proud of his son. The Wizards definitley didn’t want to be the backdrop for this Memphis win but D.C. will always hold a special place in Ja’s heart for where his NBA triple-doubles began.