Maryland is the 5th Most Dangerous Place To Date Online, Let’s Get Unfiltered!


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The week of Valentine’s day can be exciting and full of love if you have someone special to spend it with or are happy to have that time with yourself. For others, it can be stressful if your “situationship” isn’t defined or you just can’t find someone to share the day with. This may result in creating a profile on one of the many dating apps available online but before you do, Diva and Quick want to make sure you’re being safe in these streets!

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According to, Maryland is the 5th most dangerous place to date online in the United States. Today Dominique Da Diva and DJ QuickSilva asked our listeners to get unfiltered about their online dating experiences and share any tips they’ve learned to stay safe while meeting someone new. Let us know your thoughts and join the conversation!



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