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While Eminem isn’t much for interviews when he does speak it tends to be memorable. He opened up with one of his former artists and finally addressed the elephant in the room.

As spotted on HipHopDX Slim Shady was a guest on Crooks Corner. KXNG Crooked got the Detroit MC to discuss a myriad of topics including his newest work, his evolution as an MC and more. During the sit down the two discussed Lord Jamar’s ongoing criticism that Em is just a guest of Hip-Hop.

Surprisingly Marshall agreed but without mentioning the Brand Nubian member directly. “The funny shit is, with the whole beef a certain person, I never said I wasn’t a guest,” he explained. “I’m absolutely a guest. I never said I wasn’t.”

Naturally this got back to Lord Jamar and he took to his talents to Twitter to place another feather on his fitted cap. “I guess his EGO wouldn’t allow him to say ‘Lord Jamar was right the whole time, & I was buggin for coming at him the way I did…my bad…I am a guest in the house of Hip Hop.” he wrote.

He went on to give Eminem kudos for admitting that he is indeed an invitee. “But at least the EGO was quelled enough to admit what I’d been saying all along.”

The “Slow Down” rapper went on to publicly let bygones be bygones on the matter. “This sh*t is case closed, now all together repeat after me…WHITE PEOPLE ARE GUESTS IN THE HOUSE OF HIP HOP THAT BLACK PEOPLE BUILT! Thank you and good night. (Drops mic and leaves podium)”.

You can watch full Crook’s Corner Eminem episode below.

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