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We recently told you that NeNe Leakes shared a story on Angela Yee‘s podcast Lip Service where she revealed that she had to fire an employee at her newest Maryland boutique, Swagg, because the woman was having somewhat inappropriate conversations with her husband, Gregg, via FaceTime and more.


He said he did it because NeNe was so busy traveling and “you weren’t here for me to talk to. I said, ‘That’s not cool.’ He said, ‘You weren’t there for me to talk to, so we were just talking because you were never available to talk to.”

Now the woman, Juanita Mitchell, is speaking out and saying she wasn’t fired by anybody. She quit because the work environment was toxic. Not to mention, the 31-year-old said her interactions with Gregg were harmless and strictly business.

“Gregg never propositioned me,” Marshall told New York Post’s Page Six. “I was a store manager, so I talked to him just like her other managers from her other locations talk to him.”

“I left willingly because at the time it was just out of hand,” she said. “It was too much drama for me, so I decided not to stay. I walked away from the position.”

NeNe first exposed that she was dealing with such a situation on social media in June. At the time, she tweeted, “U find out ur husband/boyfriend been talkin on the phone regularly to 1 of ur female employees as ‘just a friend’ but u had no knowledge of it, did he cross any lines? Askin 4 a friend since y’all know EVERYTHING (but he said, we never talked sex! I just needed some1 to talk 2).”

A separate source who talked to Page Six alleging they had knowledge of the marital ups and downs of the couple also told the publication that NeNe doesn’t care if Gregg has relations with women outside of her circle and businesses because she is supposedly seeing another man on the side. The man’s name is Rodney and she’s allegedly been seeing him since last May after opening her shop. The source also claimed that NeNe told her employees that she and Gregg were separated.


“She spends a lot of time in Maryland not only because of this boutique, but also because of her side guy,” the source claimed, adding that she “flaunts her relationship” with him, and he takes her out for nice dinners and they “dance the night away” at clubs.

NeNe seemingly responded to all of the rumors, comments and the stir caused by her interview revelation by posting this photo of herself and her “rider,” Gregg on Tuesday night:

During her interview, NeNe admitted that in most cases, she doesn’t stress about what Gregg is out here doing, because “I do what I want anyway.”

“Gregg has took passes I ain’t even give his a–,” she said. “At this point, if he wanted to go I’m sure he would just go the hell on.”

“They don’t mind stepping out, but they don’t want you to do the same thing,” she added.


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