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There’s a running joke that millennials have an obsession with avocados — and the one wedding proposal trend does nothing to negate that myth.  One of the weirdest and most recent social media trends is folks proposing marriage using an avocado as a ring box.

Back in 2016, a woman named Taylor Selby took to Instagram to share her unique and creative avocado engagement and became one of the first to ever do it.

Four years later and people are using the popular fruit to propose is now a thing.

But how did it all start? According to Bustle:

It all started with a gorgeous Instagram post (where most important trends begin) on the well-known Amsterdam-based food photographer and stylist Instagram, FoodDeco. The account posted an avocado, cut in half, with a ring inside it — an #avocadoproposal, or an avoposal.

But of course, once one trend starts, several variations of it born and shared across the Internet. Like one guy who decided that a chocolate proposal was the way to go.

Another groom to be decided that a potato box was the way to go.

But that poses the question — are traditional proposals going out of style? Judging by the pattern of millennials putting their generational spin on everything traditional from baby showers to gender reveals, traditional proposals are a thing of the past.

Would you say yes to an avocado proposal, or nah? Hit us up on Twitter and Facebook to share your thoughts.



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