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'They ignited the situation': Fort Lauderdale police fractured eye socket of peaceful protester

Source: Miami Herald / Getty

34 year old, LaToya Ratlieff, went  to join in the peaceful protest much like others around the United States after the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis in Florida when things went left after officers shoved a young lady that was kneeling on the ground which in turn agitated the crowd.  Ms. Ratlieff, a grant writer for a nonprofit agency, was one of the ones among many that were trying to settle the crowd back down when police dispersed tear gas into the crowd then started shooting foam bullets.  LaToya Ratlieff who then was off to the side getting medical attention from another protestor  when a Ft. Lauderdale  police officer shot her in the face with a rubber bullet.

LaToya Ratlieff , who still has not regained site in her eye, wants the Ft. Lauderdale police department to be held accountable for what happened not only for herself but others that were injured as well.

According to a statement given to CNN by the Ft. Lauderdale police department:

“The Fort Lauderdale Police Department has made every effort to speak with Ms. Ratlieff, to include reaching out via phone and social media for the last.  We are aware that she has retained counsel, however she and her counsel have yet to contact the city to set up an interview.  Other than being notified she has retained counsel, we have not heard from Miss Ratlieff’s attorneys. It would appear Miss Ratlieff and her counsel are speaking to the media on a regular basis, instead of us,….”

LaToya Ratlieff say’s she looks forward to speaking with them, at the time they contacted her she was still healing from her injuries and looking at her at the video below her injuries were very extensive.

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