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MODOK Revealed In New Marvel's Avengers' Story Trailer

Source: Square Enix / Crystal Dynamics

Yes, we just got Hulk-sized amount of more details on Square Enix/Crystal Dynamic’s Marvel’s Avengers game.

Today (Jun.24), during the first Marvel’s Avengers War Table stream, we learned a great deal about the highly-anticipated game the revolves around earth’s mightiest heroes. Let’s jump into the latest deets, shall we?

Immediately, we learned about “War Zones,” which players can access through “War Tables” that are located in either the Quinjets, outposts, and the bridge of the Chimera Helicarrier. The War Table helps the team keeps tabs on A.I.M., an organization intent on ridding the world of the “Inhuman infection” and convincing the world heroes are trash.

The Helicarrier, which serves as the home base for the reassembled Avengers, can be repaired and upgraded over time. Each Avenger has their own personal quarters on the ship, a fabrication machine where players can design new suits from blueprints and storage for the extra gear you acquire while on a War Zone mission and more.

Unlike the Hero Missions, which are more story-driven and feature more cinematic sequences, War Zone missions turn the game into a more loot-driven expansive, explorable experience for players.

Marvel’s Avengers War Zone Director, Philippe Therien, states each mission will be “loaded with side content including concealed caches to uncover, powerful bounty enemies to defeat, A.I.M. depots to take over, faction allies to rescue, and hidden loot to claim.”

Warzone missions will also be broken up into a variety of different types that players can team up with friends or other players and tackle. They include:


  • Iconic Missions: While Hero Missions are the campaign crafted, hero focused missions, we also have War Zone missions crafted as unique Hero stories which evolve the story of a specific Avenger and provide context to how they dealt with the fallout from A-Day. How does Tony feel about A.I.M. repurposing his tech for their own ends? What are the ramifications of Hulk’s extended stay as the Big Green? Iconic outfits and powerful gear await at the end of a chain of Iconic Missions.
  • Faction Missions: In addition to reassembling the Avengers, players will help rebuild outposts for their allies. SHIELD suffered greatly after the disbanding of the Avengers, and the Resistance formed as a direct result of A.I.M.s increasingly authoritarian activity worldwide. Players can take part in missions to provide these factions intel, supplies, and defend them from A.I.M. attacks. Even cooler, the Helicarrier becomes populated by members of these factions who want to help in the fight against A.I.M. Faction leaders will also give out missions as part of the ongoing conflict in the post-campaign world and provide faction-specific rewards.
  • Drop Zones: Drop Zones are short missions with a single objective, such as defending allies or sabotaging an A.I.M. structure.
  • Vaults: Vaults are large explorable spaces that take some leg-work to uncover. To access a vault you first have to locate the coordinates from hidden SHIELD caches around the world. Once you’ve found the entrance, you must fight your way inside and breach the vault before you reap the rewards.
  • Hives: Hives are A.I.M. strongholds located throughout the world, the Avengers must uncover their location and fight their way through and a gauntlet of increasingly challenging A.I.M. defenses in order to disable them.
  • Villain Sector: Villain Sector missions culminate with a boss fight, such as notable Marvel villains working in tandem with A.I.M., or one of the organization’s extra-deadly constructs.

We also got to see some War Zone gameplay as well featuring the God of Thunder, Thor, destroying a bunch of A.I.M. robots while still rocking his mortal disguise.

That’s not all that was revealed, players can look forward to earning perks, rewards, and tons of cosmetic upgrades like the Hulk Buster armor to make your characters stand out during missions. A new story trailer was revealed, giving us even more insight into the game’s plot and revealing that MODOK will be the main thorn in the Avengers’ sides. We also get to see the Hulk battle Abomination as well.

Marvel’s Avengers launches on September 4, 2020, on PS4, Xbox One, Stadia, and P.C. The team will later assemble on PS5 and Xbox Series X holiday 2020. As previously reported, if you own a physical or digital copy of the game on PS4 or Xbox One, you will be able to upgrade the game for free on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

As an added bonus, PS4 owners will get early access to the upcoming beta when they pre-order the game. You can watch the new story trailer below.

Photo: Square Enix / Crystal Dynamics

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