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Alwayz Pretti Hair Care

Source: Alwayz Pretti Hair Care / Talibah Stewart

I’m usually very nervous about trying new products. Maintaining natural hair can be an expensive case of trial and error. Sometimes you come across something that really works for your hair, and other times it’s like, “why did I waste my money?

That wasn’t the case with Alwayz Pretti Hair Care.

Talibah Stewart, CEO of Alwayz Pretti Salon and Hair Care, cooks up her products straight from her kitchen. She is a hairstylist by day, and a mixologist by night. Slowly I’ve been adding her products into my hair regimen since the launch back in February. I initially started with her growth serum (, $7.00). I then graduated to the Stimulating Growth Shampoo and a Deep Conditioner (, $24.50). I recently added the Intense Hydrating Coconut Leave-In Mist (, $12.50) to my collection.

For about a month, I used the shampoo, conditioner and hair oil. Forgive my ignorance, but I honestly never knew you could make shampoo in a kitchen. What ingredients could you possibly use to create the lather that major brands offer in their products? I just assumed a few chemicals were thrown together that produced a lather and cleaned your scalp. Knowing that Talibah’s brand made all-natural products, I was interested to see how my hair would react to a natural-base shampoo.

Whew, Chile! Let me start by saying this shampoo lathers and cleans every inch of my hair, from root to tip. Some wash days I switch it up and use it as a dry shampoo to see what I liked better. Honestly, my hair didn’t care how I used the product, as long as I used it. The deep conditioner really coated and protected my tresses. I couldn’t tell you which hydrated my hair more, the shampoo or the conditioner or the combination of both, but my hair was left feeling and looking extremely moisturized. By adding the Growth Serum to the mix and my curls had the healthiest glow ever.

So here’s the thing, every time Talibah adds a new product to her store, I basically throw my wallet at her. When she introduced the Intense Hydrating Coconut Mist, I had to try it out. I’m not sure if having too much moisture in your hair is a bad thing, but if it is, I don’t want to be right. During my most recent wash day, I completed my shampoo, conditioner, and oil routine with the hydrating mist. I’m not sure what she puts in these magical concoctions, but my hair has never looked healthier.

Here’s the final result of my twist-out.

Alwayz Pretti Hair Care

Source: Marsha B. / Marsha B.

Here’s a close up of my shine and curl definition.

Marsha B

Source: Marsha B / Marsha B.

This is a few days later after some heat and humidity. My hair expanded, but it still looked good!

Marsha B

Source: Marsha B / Marsha B.

My pockets are giving Talibah the side eye because she just launched a few more products. New to the family is the Hair Guac Avocado Restoration Shampoo, the Hair Guac Restoration Conditioner (, $24.50), and the Lemongrass Scalp Exfoliating Scrub Dandruff Treatment (, $8.50). Once I finish the hydrating shampoo and deep conditioner, I’m going to give the Hair Guac and dandruff scrub a try.


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