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Caron Jones, North Carolina nurse "Karen" fired over racist social media posts

Source: Twitter / Twitter

Another white woman had time to criminalize Black people this time via a racist Facebook post that got her fired.

According to Spectrum News, nurse Caron Jones — that’s Caron with a “K” as in “Karen” — complained about #BlackLivesMatter in a lengthy Facebook post last week. She said, “All Lives Matter and BLM is just a political trick to upset a group of people to riot and terrorize!”

She continued, “I love black people but not their culture of crime, abuse, drugs, gangs, and it is time for them to take responsibility for building a life vs taking every community down!” Jones even went on to say that the Black Lives Matter movement is a democratic ploy to obtain Black votes.

For her post, Jones was let go from her job. According to her LinkedIn profile, she worked for Kernodle Clinic West in Burlington since February 2012. She was a certified nurse-midwife and family nurse practitioner. Now, she is no longer listed on the Kernodle Clinic website and a DukeHealth practice verified that she’s no longer an employee there.

Ami Goldstein, President of the North Carolina Affiliate of American College of Nurse-Midwives, pointed out that it’s concerning how Jones’ ideology could have affected her care.

“If you post something that’s racist, no matter how much you say you are not racist, it will impact the care that you give,” Goldstein explains.

“We know that there is currently a Black maternal mortality crisis. We know that there is a Black prenatal crisis. We know that we have an infant mortality and morbidity crisis…If we say nothing we are complicated and we need to stand up for all the people that we care for.”

Goldstein was one of the many nurses outraged by Jones’ post and she said she’s contacting the Board of Nursing on how to respond to issues like this in the future.

Goldstein was stating facts when she mentioned a Black maternal mortality crisis. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, of the 658 women who died of maternal causes in 2018, Black women fared the worst by dying 2½ times more often than white women. According to the Kids Count Data Center, Black infants also die more than twice as often than non-Hispanic white infants.

Once again, although Karens have reached viral status, the threat they can pose to Black life shouldn’t be downplayed. They’re in law enforcement, they’re in your residential community and they’re working in medical centers.

This is America.


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