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Stefflon Don understands the severity of the pandemic, but when the imminent threat stopped her from seeing her husband, the singer decided to speak out about her grievances.

According to KULR8, the “Bum Bum Tam Tam” singer has really been missing her spouse Burna Boy as she hasn’t been able to see him for the last four months due to the jail being on lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

“It’s been hard because I haven’t seen my husband. It’s been nearly four months. That’s horrible,” Steflon Don said. “That’s the worst part, I think … Oh my God. Lockdown’s been crazy! I’ve been through every emotion you can think of.”

During an interview with Ms. Banks on the third episode of Apple Music‘s Agenda radio show, Stefflon Don revealed that although she has been missing her husband, she has been keeping busy by working on her music and traveling when she can.

“I feel like I’m a pregnant lady with quadruplets at this point. It’s just been crazy. Not knowing what’s going to happen. Being out of control with a lot of stuff. I’m usually never in one place for too long. I’m always travelling. I’m always working. I’m always out. I found a way to set up a studio in my office room until my studio is finally built.”

Although the “Calypso” singer  is seemingly an open book when it comes to her marriage, Burma Boy is a lot more reserved. When asked earlier this year about his relationship, he revealed that he prefers to keep his relationships “private to avoid a lot of potential problems.”

“You don’t know if I have or not, the same way you probably wouldn’t know when I do, if I haven’t you know? I’m saying you wouldn’t know if I have or if I will … It’s always good to keep private lives private. It takes away a lot of potential problems that could come … We’re not with each other because of the fanbase we have, we’re with each other for the reason why you’re with your girlfriend or wife and no one’s asking you about your wife – that’s why you can have a smooth relationship. But me, if everyone’s asking me and I’m answering them it’s gonna give me a lot of s**t I don’t need.”

Check out Stefflon Don’s interview with Ms. Banks here.

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