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Virginians celebrate the desecration of Civil War statues in Richmond while continuing to call for their removal

Well, today’s the day ladies and gentlemen! 101 years after its unveiling on Monument Avenue, the Stonewall Jackson statue has been dismantled from its pedestal. The gig is up and old Stonewall has received his walking papers, after over a century of being a symbol of oppression for many Richmonders.

The removal was prompted after over a month of civil unrest set off by the public lynching of yet another unarmed black man, George Floyd. Protesters positionally hit the street, making the Confederate monuments on Monument Avenue the focal point for protests.

During the height of Black Lives Matter protests the statues of Confederate Generals across the country had become sites of vandalism or what I call “contextual beautification”, making the monuments an artistic visualization of the stain on America’s sheets. Before you cast judgment, it’s called perspective people!

Hundreds of people of all hues gathered today on historic Monument Avenue in the pouring rain to watch the first of confederate statues be placed in its rightful place. In case you’re wondering where that is, that place would be not shadowing over the diverse population that calls Richmond home. I said what I said, now boy Bye!

Click here for live footage of the General Stonewall Statue Removal.

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