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Source: Marsha B / Marsha B

Over the years, I’ve learned the importance of having a great skin care regimen. In my 20’s, I was a bit reckless. There were plenty of nights that I fell asleep in my makeup and I honestly didn’t begin moisturizing until much later in life. In learning about efficient skin care routines, I discovered the importance of incorporating certain products to your skin on a daily basis in order to promote smooth, healthy skin. I had a steady skin care regimen, but I decided to switch it up by trying E & Co’s products. First of all, the products I usually use are medicated. I needed something that was going to aide my dark spots, and give me an effortless glow. Because my skin is sensitive, it’s not easy for me to use most department store products. Brands like Neutrogena didn’t get rid of my pimples, they irritated them and invited more to pop up on my face.

What intrigued me the most about E & Co’s products was that they were all natural, organic and vegan. Growing up, we were learning and discovering more about the chemicals found in skin care products. Within the last 10-ish years, the shift from processed to natural products have become a huge theme. Brands are taking a raw, vegan angle to their businesses because it is better for your body. I never used vegan skin care products, so I was interested to see how my face would react to E & Co.


Source: Marsha B / Marsha B.

Of her products, I tried the Papaya Foam Face Wash ($12.99,, the Rose Gold Serum ($21.99,, the Skin Renew Face Mist Toner in Cucumber Melon ($12.99, and the Papaya Body Bar ($14.99,

In order to give these products an authentic review, it was important for me to use them all for a week. I needed to see if any irritations would develop by switching up my regimen. I was in luck. Not only did my skin react positively, my face felt really refreshed! If I had to pick a favorite product, I honestly wouldn’t be able to. The Papaya Foam Face Wash had the best lather ever. My face felt really clean after using it. Following the foam, I applied the Rose Gold Serum. This serum is a bit on the heavy side, so if don’t like your skin looking too oily, then don’t be heavy handed. I really enjoyed the Skin Renew Face Mist. I’d find myself spraying it on my face throughout the day.

E and Company

Source: Marsha B / Marsha B

E & Co’s skin care products gave me a nice, smooth palette to work from. I was able to apply a little concealer, some lipstick and eyebrows and slay a few pictures. Because I am a makeup minimalist, this was such a win! I am definitely introducing these products to my skin care regimen. I got the glow I was looking for.


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