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Asheya Dixon

Source: Handz Dirty Public Relations / Handz Dirty Public Relations

Asheya Dixon prides herself in approaching the beauty industry from a unique lens – her military background. Since birth, Dixon has been traveling the world far and wide as a military brat, prior Army, and now an army spouse. Created to take care of one’s skin as a person of color, Dixon successfully built a brand on the values, core beliefs, and strengths she knew all too well.

BRWN Beauty originated with a vision and women of color in mind as well as a push from the lack of access to common beauty brands during her time in the military. HelloBeautiful had the chance to catch up with Asheya Dixon about her unique military skill set in relation to beauty, financial wellness and her hopes for the brand.

My interest in skincare surfaced when I realized that every location I moved to wouldn’t always cater to women of color,” Dixon told HelloBeautiful about her initial interest in skincare. While living in Tucson, Arizona, she noticed a lack of diversity and inclusion available within skin and beauty products for Black women and women of color. “Most dermatologists aren’t trained in treating skin for Black women. As a result, you don’t get the care your skin needs,” she continued.

Asheya Dixon

Source: Handz Dirty Public Relations / Handz Dirty Public Relations

Her military background further served as a reminder to ensure that her self-care routine included skin maintenance. “Initially in the military, I was only limited to products available in the local store on base. Skincare isn’t one size fits all so sometimes those options aren’t what is really best for your skin,” Dixon added on how her Army experience limited her skincare routine. The world traveler appreciates her experience of expanding her worldwide lens because it helped her recognize that melanin had a plethora of variations, and was not just limited to Black women. 

“These experiences allow you to see that you can be creative with what you have. Our ethically sourced mango and shea butter is imported from Ghana because we felt compelled to support the women from the villages there,” she spoke on the natural ingredients used for her brand and her visit to Africa. “The beautiful country of Africa is home to so many unique people of color with various backgrounds. Not only was the culture an eye opener but it also makes you appreciate what you have and where you come from.”

When she started creating her own skincare from natural ingredients and omitting the chemicals, she noticed a change in her skin. She continued to express the importance of reading labels to HelloBeautiful and practicing mindfulness when it comes to placing chemicals in or on your body.  

Asheya Dixon

Source: Handz Dirty Public Relations / Handz Dirty Public Relations

“At the time of creating the brand I noticed that people of color suffered from skin conditions such as eczema and hyperpigmentation at a greater rate than our counterparts. As I continued to research I also noticed that healing of melanated skin only happened with the right products and less chemicals. That inspired me to search for product combinations that were not only safe but also had healing components such as aloe, vitamin e and shea butter,” the beauty brand founder said to HelloBeautiful. In 2017, BRWN Beauty was conceived to create a brand for Black women and women of color that we could trust based upon the values of developing safe, healthy products for our skin. 

Fast forward into 2020, BRWN is now a six-figure brand with no signs of slowing up with March being their biggest month to-date since its foundation. Within March 2020 alone, amidst racial reconciliations and the coronavirus pandemic, the beauty brand has been putting up sales records of over $100,000 on their hand sanitizers alone, all while serving the black community and giving back. Reaching a six-figure salary held high precedence for Dixon because she was breaking barriers in her own family dynamic and setting a firm foundation for her children. 

“If you believe you’ll become successful then you will and likewise, if you believe in failure then you’ll become that too. Going forward it pushed me to only focus on my purpose of finding 101 different ways to serve my community better and be better as a person. My advice to beauty entrepreneurs is to not focus on the money or how much money you want to make. Focus on creating something unique that doesn’t exist, over-delivering value to your audience and serving your audience exceptional customer service. Do that multiple times every day and the money will come non stop. It has to. You receive in abundance what you give the most. What are you giving the most of daily?,” Dixon prompted HelloBeautiful readers to think about as entrepreneurs.

Currently, BRWN Beauty is gearing up for the release of the Aloe & Kukui Nut Body Cream, a body butter sulfate and paraben free product which hydrates the skin by retaining moisture and repairing dry skin. This nourishing body butter contains essential vitamins such as A, E, and powerful omega 3 fatty acids. On her hopes for the budding beauty brand, the founder told HelloBeautiful, “I hope that we can spread the message of BRWN and grow our audience into international territories. We’re determined to make BRWN Beauty a trusted household name all over the world.”


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How Asheya Dixon’s Military Background Fueled Her Passion For Skincare  was originally published on hellobeautiful.com