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eBay X PJ Tucker

Source: eBay / Edelman PR, eBay

When it comes to kicks, no one sees P.J. Tucker on and off the court. eBay linked up with the Houston Rockets forward for an exclusive look inside his sneaker loft.


Most people have closets for their sneaker collections, but not Tucker, the avid kicks collector, needed a whole loft to literally house all of his kicks. P.J.s collection has been the topic of discussion since he started balling in some rare finds on the court, and now with the help of eBay and Director X, he’s finally giving us a glimpse of his literal museum, which puts his love for fresh footwear on display.

The roughly 3-minute introductory clip kickstarts a new video series in partnership with eBay that will run through August 10th and will see Tucker talk to fans. Tucker explains his devotion to kicks and having to purchase a home just for them by stating to a non-sneakerhead it’s something “you wouldn’t understand.” He also breaks down that he still uses eBay to purchase his grails and, in fact, uses his real name on his account because he loves the interactions with other sneakerheads.

eBay X PJ Tucker

Source: eBay / Edelman PR, eBay

When sharing about his earliest sneaker memory, Tucker tells the story about his mom took him to a sneaker store on a Wednesday, 5 in the morning, and waited online with him to score a pair of Jordans. His mom slept in the car, while PJ scored the only pair of the Js in his size he just had to have. Of course, he rocked them to school that same day, because that’s what sneakerheads do.

Salute to mom.

While showing us his impressive collection, which Tucker states consists of 700-1000 pairs of sneakers, including doubles, PJ shares with viewers what his current favorites are that he managed to score off eBay. The Air Jordan 9 Bin 23 in Gold, Air Force 1 Craig Sager, the highly-coveted SB Chunky Dunky, Lebron 8 SVSM, and Air Max 1 Chlorophyll are pro baller’s standouts.

eBay X PJ Tucker

Source: eBay / Edelman PR, eBay

Remember, this is just the first episode, and we haven’t even scratched the surface when it comes to seeing Tucker’s full collection. P.J. is currently down in Orlando with his Houston Rockets teammates participating in the NBA restart. Word on the street is Tucker brought a sh*t-load of kicks and needed a hotel room just to store them.

You can shop for some of the kicks Tucker highlighted here and watch P.J. show off his sneaker loft in the video below.

Photo: eBay / Edelman PR, eBay

eBay Links Up With The NBA’s Sneaker King P.J. Tucker For A Tour of His Loft Just For His Kicks  was originally published on cassiuslife.com

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