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Telfar's Bag Security Program Aims To Get It's Shopping Bag In Human Hands

Source: Edward Berthelot / Getty

Nike’s SNKRS and adidas’ app users are no strangers to the pain and frustration shoppers are experience trying to land the hottest accessory of the summer, Telfar’s shopping bag. The brand created by Telfar Clemens and his creative director, Babak Radboy, is looking to fix that with its newest program, which aims to get the item in the hands of everyone who wants one.

Starting this Wednesday (Aug.19), Telfar will launch the Bag Security Program, which is described as a 24-hour window allowing shoppers to preorder the vegan leather handbag, also called the “Bushwick Birkin” in any size or color. Customers will pay full price, of course, plus shipping in handling guaranteeing they will secure the bag, literally, and it will be delivered between this December and January of next year.

The bags cost between $150 to $257 depending on what size you want and sell out within minutes when dropped. When the company restocks the bags, they are gone instantly.

Telfar noticed the complaints, shut down its website after its security system discovered bots were trying to purchase the bags are currently being resold on sites like Grailed for up $700.

The new Bag Security Program is a brilliant way for the company to battle the bot issue, which is currently plaguing the sneaker buying market. Nike and adidas have tried numerous ways to combat the problem, but it’s still a struggle, just look at your Twitter timeline on Saturday’s when a pair of Jordans, “Off-White” collaboration, or YEEZY’s drop. We hope both of those companies are taking notes and watching to see how Telfar’s new program actually works and utilize something similar when it comes to securing kicks via each company’s respected apps.

Photo: Edward Berthelot / Getty

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