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Trey Songz is back on the show! After taking some time away from music to not only raise his young son Noah but become more vocal in social justice across the country, the R&B singer released his ‘Back Home’ album and revealed that he’s not chasing plaques or No. 1’s, he’s just making good music.

Checking in with Keisha Nicole of Good Morning H-Town, Songz charts his evolution from ‘I Gotta Make It’ to now, why his focus has shifted from making music to doing more for his community and why he’s not turning his back on his morals, his COVID health update, why he’s building generational wealth for his son and how he’s planning to celebrate his brand new album once everything clears up.

“I ain’t got the COVID no more,” Trey revealed to Keisha. “When I lost my smell, I had read that … smell training. That kind of freaked me out. If you smell really strong scents for short periods of time in intervals, it’ll help you bring the smell back. It was onions, lemon peels, orange peels, elderberry, a little sea moss, I would breathe that in and help break up the congestion in your chest. Actually after like three days of not being able to smell it brought it back.”

He continued, “Some people lose their smell for a long time. And I can’t have that,  cause I like to eat. The smell is too important to eat it. If I can’t smell it, I can’t eat it.”

Trey revealed he took COVID seriously and although he didn’t have to tell his fans about his positive test, he felt it was important to lead with responsibility. Meanwhile, he’s well aware of others who haven’t taken the virus serious and sharing misinformation.

“You got the President out waving at people. You got Secret Service … you got the Cabinet sick,” Trey said. “And you got people actually believing that he’s healed and better. He saying he feels 20 years younger, he’s full of shit. Cause when I got it, I felt 20 years older!”

This is probably the most in-depth Trey interview you’ll see in 2020. Watch in full now and stream Back Home from the Virginia native below!

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