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Ciara JiBri Bublé Champagne

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Ciara JiBri is known mostly for connecting brands with clients/consumers and her work as a lifestyle publicist. However, as an experience curator, she is also responsible for the Momosa Series, which caters to her lifestyle as a new mother who is seeking to educate new, expectant and experienced mothers in entrepreneurship. JiBri’s latest venture, Bublé Champagne, was created to raise confidence, satisfaction and social standing of any customer

HelloBeautiful spoke with the mom influencer herself about the Chicago-based sparkling wine and champagne collection, how Black mothers can benefit from her product, and feeling sexy and confident while drinking champagne. Check out our convo below!

What inspired your interest in champagne?

I have a special place in my heart for mimosas and how they have allowed me to build community surrounding my career. Prior to launching Bublé, I created a networking social called HAUS of Mimosa that highlights the upcoming, unknown and established creatives in conversation.  It was a huge success amongst the millennial female community in Chicago looking to network.  Over the years, I’ve curated a series of successful and popular events under that umbrella where a curated menu of mimosas were served at each event. 

As COVID-19 defined a new normal, I took a business pivot and decided it would be great to have my own bubbly that could continue to build community outside of live events amongst the entrepreneurial community because I mean, who doesn’t love a good mimosa! The main ingredient is sparkling or champagne!

Ciara JiBri Bublé Champagne

Source: Maaly Williams / @mlywllms

What are some of the key ingredients in your champagne? What’s the champagne-making process like?

The key ingredients in Bublé are fresh yellow delicious apples, asian pears, and citrus flower aromas with a touch of lemon zest and crispness on the finish. The pressing, fermentacion, blending, bottling, and maturation is sourced from a North Coastal Vineyard in California who are my manufacturers for the product. I wanted the champagne to have a burst of fruit flavors, giving a more sweeter approach than your average dry Brut flavor. 

What has the champagne industry taught you about yourself as an entrepreneur?

Oh My! The champagne industry has truly taught me that being uncomfortable can sometimes be a good thing! I’ve worked with many different spirits and luxury retail brands throughout my career as a learner, nonetheless. It’s a huge leap from a career in public relations and event planning to being the master of your own destiny and running your own business so I wanted to understand more.  I wanted to learn more marketing techniques, strategies, consumer awareness, customer service, etc so I could apply all of those skill sets to Bublé. 

I think as an entrepreneur you have to know that you are onto something and truly feel it, otherwise, I don’t think you will survive. That isn’t arrogance at all; that is belief in your idea. I think, unfortunately, if you don’t have that as an entrepreneur, you won’t be able to continue. Ultimately, all that’s going to separate me with my amazing idea from the next person with that same idea is my personality and what I do with the idea. You have to start and perfect things later, stay 100% focused and don’t deviate. Y 

As a mom influencer, how does your brand appeal to mothers?

If not all, most moms drink! (Laughs) I implement mimosas and champagne into many of my mom-geared events. It’s a stigma that the fun stops once having a child and my brand is here to show moms, and the rest of the world, that it does not. I make sure that I cater to moms with my marketing to let it be known that it is okay to have a glass of wine or bubbly when the kids are napping, while working from home, with friends or to keep you sane to alleviate the feelings of mom guilt. 

What has motherhood taught you that was translatable into your life as a businesswoman?

I can honestly say the perfect word for this question is patience! You have to be so patient with children, their growth, their milestones, and everyday is not the same by far. Motherhood is about doing your best today and knowing sometimes you may fall short tomorrow. There’s no balance for this! Some days I fall short with one area, I do the best I can and pick up where I lacked the day before. I apply that lesson to my life as a businesswoman. We often forget to appreciate our current wins because we’re anticipating what’s next. I have my days where I feel motivated and I have my days where I feel defeated and that’s ok as long as you pick yourself back up. It’s all a process and learning experience.

How does your champagne brand make you feel confident?

The mission behind my champagne is to raise the confidence, satisfaction and social standing of my consumer by providing a luxury feel to every sip – it’s a celebration in a glass! It is super essential that my customer knows there’s no need for an excuse to break out the bubbly and that we should celebrate not only the big moments and life, but the small ones as well. 

How do your events serve as a community builder for Black women?

My events serve as a community builder for black women by connecting many different women from all walks of life, whether you’re a 9-5 working woman, entrepreneur, creative, or mom. My events provide networking opportunities, jobs, exposure and confident boosters to help heal, connect and educate our Black and brown girls! I love knowing that people leave my events inspired with a new friend or business associate.


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